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The Printing House Ltd launches TPH Direct™ 8.0 to provide you with greater administrative control and enhanced functionality of the most widely used e-commerce print portal in Canada.

The Printing House Limited announces the launch of TPH Direct™ 8.0 to provide you with enhanced features and functionality as the most widely used and adopted e-commerce print portal in Canada. TPH Direct™ was first launched in 1997 and has been continually enhanced and improved by the company's dedicated in-house software development team.

"TPH Direct™ is one of very few e-commerce print portals which allows any individual user or company to self-register and immediately be on-line to submit print orders to any one of The Printing House's 70 company-owned branches across Canada" explains Scott O'Born, Vice-President of Operations and Network Technologies, "Right from the beginning, we developed a portal that was easy to use and allowed the Customer to easily navigate and submit requests for printing and upload their files to our secure network quickly," states Mr. O'Born. "This vision has continued to be broadened in our latest release and provides even more control to our Customers."

The functionality of TPH Direct™ includes job submission, order retrieval and reporting, a business card and stationery module, a catalogue services module for regularly ordered items with a viewable thumbnail or PDF to improve order accuracy and a fully functional document management library to upload and store business documents.

Enhancements to TPH Direct 8.0 include:

Customer Administrative tools which allow identified administrators the ability to:

  • Monitor and manage their user community.
  • Monitor user access and permissions including adding and removing users.
  • Grant users individual access to the various modules of TPH Direct including TPH Cardmaker, TPH Catalogue Services and TPH Document Manager.

Allow new users to easily find their closest TPH Branch with embedded Google Maps into the location finder utility.

Modernized File Upload utility with faster upload times.

If you have any questions about TPH Direct 8.0 or wish to have TPH Direct 8.0 themed with your company's brand image please contact your TPH Manager who will be pleased to look after your request.

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